Since 1995
Dundarlar Group is a group of companies operating in the fields of manufacturing, energy, and construction. The company, which started its manufacturing life as ‘Dündarlar Makina’ in 1995, has pioneered many firsts in the field of modern agricultural machinery in Turkey.
The company introduced the first foldable agricultural machines (stalk shredder, rotary tiller, vertical tiller) to the Turkish market and has provided efficient solutions to the problems of farmers with a value-added production approach.
Continuing its journey in the field of agricultural machinery with the “Toscano” brand, the firm also continues its cooperation with important companies such as Kuhn, Yanmar, Agram, and Goupil under the “Dündarlar” brand. After starting its activities in the production area, Dündarlar Makina has stepped into different sectors with the vast experience and knowledge it has gained, incorporating Rama Construction and Toscano Energy into its structure.
Chairman’s Message

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The journey that began in 1995 with “Dündarlar Makina” enabled us to set numerous precedents in the agricultural machinery sector within Turkey. Today, we persist as a group of companies active in manufacturing, energy, and construction.

For us, the most precious asset is the experience and knowledge we have amassed over the years. By introducing foldable agricultural machinery into the farming sector, we have provided effective solutions to our farmers’ challenges.

Our company has leveraged the extensive experience and insights gained in manufacturing to venture into other sectors and undertake significant projects. With the inclusion of Rama Yapı and Toscano Energy into our portfolio, we now operate within the construction and energy sectors, offering a wider array of services.

Dear colleagues, achieving these successes would not have been possible without your dedication and contributions. I extend my gratitude to you all. With your continued support, I am confident that Dündarlar Group will reach greater heights and initiate more valuable projects.

With my warmest regards,

Ruşen Dündar

Chairman of the Board