Agricultural Production

Toscano Agricultural Machinery

Toscano is one of the important brands of Dündarlar Group in the agricultural sector. Toscano’s place in agricultural production, with its farmer-focused service philosophy, innovative and efficient solutions, provides valuable contributions to Turkish and world agriculture.

In the production of agricultural machinery, Toscano develops products customized to the needs of farmers. By embracing 100% customer satisfaction and continuous improvement principles, it maintains its leadership in the sector.

Renewable Energy (Solar Power Plants)

Toscano Energy

Dündarlar Group positions itself as a strong and high brand value player in the solar energy market in Turkey with the brand “Toscano Energy.” Toscano Energy aims to contribute to the production of environmentally friendly and sustainable energy.

It provides services in investment and technical consultancy for solar power plants (SPP), project planning, system design, installation of licensed and unlicensed plants, license acquisition and operation, as well as project planning according to the unlicensed production regulations, project development, finance and application, and post-installation technical maintenance and repair.

Welding Production Systems

Dündarlar OEM

Operating under the Dündarlar Group, Dündarlar OEM provides a wide range of products for Agricultural Machinery Spare Parts for various brands and models of agricultural machines.

Thanks to its many years of experience and technological infrastructure, especially in agricultural machinery, it contributes to the seamless production of its clients by supplying high-quality and original spare parts for various industries, as well as by offering customized products tailored to their needs.


Rama Yapı

Rama Yapı, the construction brand of Dündarlar Group, is known in the industry for its reliable and innovative projects. Thanks to its expert staff, advanced technology, and infrastructure equipped with high-quality materials, it offers top-level service to its customers.

In the National and Global Market

Innovation, Technology, and Social Impact

DAs Dündarlar Group, we set out on a mission to achieve firsts in Turkey. With great emphasis on innovation and technology, we bring to life pioneering and transformative projects across sectors. Keeping pace with the changing dynamics of the world and having a structure that is continuously growing and expanding shows our aim to create a lasting impact not only in the business world but in all segments of society.

Reliability, Quality, and Innovation

We crown our achievements with reliability, high quality standards, and innovative approaches.


We Aim to Create Value

We act with the goal of creating sustainable value both at the local and global levels through our activities.


We Look to the Future with Confidence

We continue to look to the future with hope and shape our business activities with this confidence.


Mission to Realize Firsts

Our mission to realize firsts in Turkey is what guides our activities.